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Music for the Celticly insane

Fun, fast, loud.. It's Bangers and Mash. Cranking out original songs or completely skewering a classic, "BAM" gives it all they've got, all the time. They'll keep you dancing in the aisles, raising a pint, and having a ball. Bangers and Mash is "Music for the Celticly Insane”. Based in Suffolk County New York the full-time line-up includes Liam Hudock on lead vocals, Carole Lesselbaum on lead vocals and Bodhran, Chad Herth on electric lead guitar, Seth Lesselbaum on bass, and Seth Salwen on drums. We have played throughout the Northeast and are now regularly touring areas of Florida and the Midwest.


Meet the Band


Lead Vocals / Spoons

Liam R Hudock was raised in the folk tradition by his father, Robert who played in the folk clubs in Greenwich Village in the 60s and his mother, Sharon, a life-long member of the Ancient Order of Hibernian. His parents instilled a love of Irish traditional and rebel music in him from an early age. In his youth he played in a world renowned pipe band before joining the United States Marine Corps. He's been a member of BAM since 2011 and a contributor to their last 2 albums. He's the writer of "Bravest and Boldest" inspired by his friends and family members who are public servants. When not making music he works in the craft beer industry. As he says, "My life revolves around beer and music. I must have done something right somewhere".

Lead Vocals / Badhran

Carole never listened to Irish music. In fact Led Zeppelin was more her cup of vodka. But one day in 2005 she wandered into an Irish session at a pub in Center Moriches, NY, and everything changed. She was suddenly immersed in music she had never heard. Next she made the mistake of singing a few songs with the band Seabreeze. That led to the group Newgrange Stone.  And then that fateful day when she walked into a bar as Bangers and Mash’s then lead singer was storming out the door. The rest is history.

Guitar / Vocals

Chad is a native Long Islander who now hails from West Virginia. He’s been playing music since he was 5 years old. He served in the USAF and the NYPD. After years of playing in cover bands the opportunity to write and perform original material was the overriding factor in joining BAM. 

Seth L.

Ah, so you want to know about Seth... the riddle, wrapped in an enigma, surrounded by a mystery and served with a side order of curry fries and an ice cold Coors Light. Congratulations, you are obviously a fan with discerning tastes! But how, you ask, did a nice young Jewish boy from Brooklyn get involved in a Celtic rock band? Oh, it's a very long and convoluted story that we are unable to tell in its entirety, starting with the Clancy Brothers at Carnegie Hall and hearing Fairport Convention on WNEW FM. It progressed from a 2 piece Irish American Folk band Seabreeze into a 6 piece and sometimes more Celtic Rock band doing a good percentage of originals. Along the way there have been many twists and turns but generally lurching forward  toward  the next level. 
There... all caught up?

Seth S.

Seth is a tried & true drummer with a background in Blues, Classic Rock, Jazz, Motown,Top 40 and Celtic Music. Seth has studied under Harvey Sorgen (Hot Tuna, Santana and Paul Simon), Jazz Great Charlie Perry (Artie Shaw, Count Basie) and Bobby Rondinelli (Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Axel Rudi Pell).  He plays roughly 100 gigs a year with his current projects and loves being a part of BAM.